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About Us

Hemo Prova Borbora Girls’ College (HPB Girls’ College), which is the only Girls’ College in Golaghat district under Dibrugarh University was established in 1969. In the process of establishing the college a noble-minded donour Late Alok Ch. Borbora came forward and offered Rs. 75,000 in the glorious memory of his Late lamented mother Hemo Prova Borbora. The prime objective of establishing the college was to foster the advancement of higher Education among females in the rural areas of Golaghat District. The first batch started in the Boarding House of Golaghat Government Bezbaruah Higher Secondary School on 22.7.1969. Thus it had a humble beginning with only twenty six girl students. Later the college was shifted to its present place where it has been growing with permanent structures. The college is permanently affiliated to D.U. as well as registered under provision vide UGC letter No. F. 825/78 CP dt. 19.1.1978 of University Grants Commision. It has made significant strides in its development to become one of the pioneer colleges in the district-imparting instructions in almost all arts subjects including Major Courses in both Higher Secondary and undergraduate levels. Meanwhile the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has visited the college and accredited it with “B” Grade (2.71 CGPA) The copy of NAAC’s certification is given with this prospectus. Meanwhile the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has visited the college and accredited with “B” Grade (2.71 CGPA). View The certificate of accredition. Hemo Prova Borbora Girls’ College was established at the initiatives of a few social activists who had a keen desire for the spreading of women education .In the decade of seventy in the last century this border district was really a backward district in terms of woman education.


a. To adopt the five stage best practices approach “Four I and D Model” in the institution for the promotion of academic environment of the institution. 

b. To identify the best practices conforming to the various aspects of curricula and pedagogic requirements of the institution and implement the same for the satisfaction of the stakeholders. 

c. To plan for capacity building of the institution and utilize the campus resources optimally. 

d. To monitor and evaluate the performance standard of the faculty members through self-assessment and feedback mechanism. 

e. To analyze strength, weakness, opportunity and threat to the institution and adopt the suitable meaning thereof. 

f. To establish benchmark through best practices and disseminate the institutionalized best practices to the society. 

g. To mobilize resource internally and externally for the all-round development of the institution. 

h. To adopt innovative meaning in teaching learning and evaluation process. 

i. To organize various academic activities for quality enhancement of students and faculty members. 

j.To internalize the best practices to be the tradition of the institution implementing the various strategies. 

k. To plan and develop various academic infrastructural development pragramme.


To make the college a leading and primer Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the state of Assam through the constant approach of Total Quality Management (TQM) of stainable internalized best practices conforming to the objectives of the college and thereby achieving quality and excellence in the continuous improvement process.


মহাবিদ্যালয় সংগীত গীতিকাৰ : ৰীণা ভূঞা, অসমীয়া বিভাগৰ প্ৰাক্তন অধ্য়াপক  

(১) ধনশিৰি হৈ লুইতেদি বৈ মহাপ্লাবনৰ সম্ভাৱনা হৈ মহাহাসাগৰলৈ যাওঁ ক্ষুদ্ৰৰ পৰা মহীৰহ হৈ মহামিলনৰ বিশ্বসভাকে পাওঁ ধনশিৰি হৈ ………….   

(২) ত্য়াগেৰে বুলাই গাৰ ৰিহাখন জ্ঞান-আলোকৰ পোহৰ পিয়াসিনী লক্ষ্য়গামী পথিকৰ দৰে সূৰ্যমুখীৰ সপোন সাবটি অবক্ষয় শ্বাপদ বিনাশিনী বীণাপানি হৈ ন-শতিকালে যাওঁ/ ধনশিৰি হৈ ……………   

(৩) সময় যেতিয়া দু:সময় হয়, মানৱতা যদি লুণ্ঠিত হয়, নতুন পুৰুষে কৰে যদিহে নাৰীত্বৰ অপমান, আমি কালবিনাশিনী মহাকালী হৈ দুষ্ক্তি নাশি, মমতাময়ী পৃথিৱী হৈ সংস্কৃতি ৰাখি শান্তিৰ গীতকে গাওঁ / আমি ধনশিৰি হৈ ……….