Department of Economics

The Department of Economics, HPB Girls’ College, Golaghat has come into existence in July, 1969.Since its inception, progressive achievement is made by the department in promoting the goals and objectives of the institution and as such the potential capabilities of women are being developed through education. To have education, one needs to be developed, to have a share in development one needs to have education. Economics is one of the most practical subjects of social science which is very much exciting and challenging within the context of major set of problems such as poverty, inequality, unemployment, population growth, environmental decay and rural stagnation to elucidate real world development problems through inclusion.

The department imparts education to its students with utmost care to make them capable of exploring newer and newer ideas and opportunities they face in their expanded range of choice of lives in a social system through their quality and competency. For that, Faculty members try to impart quality education and as such maintain quality and excellence in teaching, learning and evaluation and standard in performance within the professional competency of parameter of the college so that students could become knowledgeable and can develop deeper understanding of their own situation as acting human and can evaluate the questions of public policy. Human beings are born with certain potential capabilities. Our purpose is to create an environment in which all students can expand their capabilities and the range of choice for both present and future generation. Constant efforts are made for the employability of students and they are always encouraged to be well equipped with competence, knowledge and efficiency for the knowledge society they are facing. Students are also encouraged to be tempered with the spirit and social values of ethics, equity, inclusion, human security, sustainability and development.


Name- Dr. Gakul Chandra Saikia

Designation- Associate Professor

Educational Qualification-M. A. (GU)  Ph. D. (GU)  NET

Specialization and Area of Interest- Econometrics & Mathematical Economics,  Agrarian Structure and Relations.


Name- Dr. Palash Handique

Designation- Assistant  Professor  (Selection Grade)

Educational Qualification-M. A. (Dib. U)  LL. B. (Dib. U)  Ph. D. (AU)  SLET

Specialization and Area of Interest- Econometrics & Mathematical Economics  Food Security


Name- Dr. Bipul Kr. Rabha

Designation- Assistant  Professor

Educational Qualification-M. A. (GU)  M. Phil (UoH)  Ph. D. (Dib. U)  NET, SLET

Specialization and Area of Interest- Environmental Economics, Econometrics, Human Resource Development,  Forest Resource Management


Name- Ms. Plabita Bhattacharyya

Designation- Assistant  Professor

Educational Qualification-M. A. (Dib. U)  M. Phil (Dib.U)   NET

Specialization and Area of Interest- Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, Monetary Economics, International Trade, Development Economics

Course Outcome:   B. A. ECONOMICS