Students' Union

Students’ Union

The Hemo Prova Borbora Girls’ College Students’ Union (H.P.B.G.C.S.U) is the general body of the students of the College. Its membership is compulsory for every student admitted to the College. The office-bearers of the Union are elected annually through the method of direct voting. This union is elected by the bonafide students of the college through the general election.                   

The college strictly abides by the recommendations of the “Lyngdoh Committee” for the election of the Students’ Union Body in universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education across India. The Posts of the Office Bearers are President, Vice President, General Secretary, Asst. General Secretary, Girls’ Common Room Secretary, Social Service Secretary, Major Games Secretary, Minor Games Secretary, Music and Culture Secretary, Debating & Symposium Secretary, Editor, Magazine (English Section) and Editor, Magazine (Assamese Section). The Students’ Union Office Bearers, representing all the students of the institution, are guided by a team of staff advisors.

The Union endeavors to foster and promote fraternity, mutual understanding, and a sense of responsibility among the students. The Students’ Union organizes games and sports, debates, cultural and social activities among the students during the College Week, which is being organized annually.

The functions of the Union Body shall be:

1.    To prepare the Budget of the College Union for the session.

2.    To take up other activities as decided by the Students’ Union Body and approved of by the Principal.

3.    To organize debates/symposia and other cultural activities in the interest of the College.

4.    To organize a discussion on academic, national, and international topics.

5.    To approve all accounts maintained by the Secretary.

6.    Observing and celebrating special days.

7.    To orientation cum Fresher social and parting social for the freshers and outgoing students.

8.    To organize leadership training for the students representative.

9.    To represent students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues.

10. To provide a variety of services to students.

11.  To serve as a link between the management and student community for a conducive  environment.

12.  To nurture leadership qualities among students.

13.  To motivate students to be responsible citizens.

14.   To promote a spirit of democracy, integrity, and fraternity among students.