Anti-Ragging Committee

Hemo Prova Borbora Girls’ College has zero-tolerance for ragging and is proud to state that they are ragging-free. Students are informed to follow the act and ensure a ragging-free campus. 

To ensure compliance with the UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009, the Anti-ragging Committee is created with the Principal as the chairperson and convenor and members appointed from time to time. The ‘anti-ragging policy’ adopted by the Institute is aimed at:

1. Creation, development, and nurturing of a conducive, socio-academic environment within the student population. 

2. Generating and maintaining a high level of confidence among new entrants and their parents/guardians to perceive that fresh entrants to the Institute are welcome and provided support, rather than being harassed and intimidated. 

3. Keeping in place an integrated system to discourage and prevent any negative acts like ‘ragging’ by the seniors, which disrupts the socio-academic integration of new entrants.

4. Prescribing deterrent measures for any violation of the “Anti-Ragging Policy” by way of disciplinary measures.

*The steps taken to implement anti-ragging on and off campus are:-* 

1. Newly admitted students are instructed and informed about the anti-ragging policy and reach the Anti-Ragging Committee in case they face any problems. 

2. There is a Freshers’ Social at the department level and as well as General Freshers’ Social with due consent from the college authority and to be held in presence of faculty members.

3. The first-year students are made to be part of the Union Body so that they can overcome shyness and mingle with seniors. 

4. The Union Body members are included in the committee. This helps to prevent ragging at the micro-level. 

Students found guilty beyond the above points will be dealt with with the strictest actions based on the extent of their behavior.

1.  Dr. Bulbuli Boruah, Principal  Chairperson 

2.  Dr. Arunima Das  Convenor 

3.  Mr. Dilip Kumar Borah  Member 

4.  President, Union Body  Member 

5.  General Secretary, Union Body  Member  Top