Since its inception in the year 2004, the Women’s Cell of H.P.B. Girls’ College has been diligently involved in various events- socio-economic, cultural, medical, health and hygiene, and other allied extension activities, in tandem with the larger goals and objectivities of the College i.e. to promote women empowerment and materialize a gender-inclusive society for the greater benefit of the community. Moreover, in the conscious effort to make H.P.B. Girls’ College a leading agency of gender sensitization, the cell has included the faculty of the college as its core members. As such, the cell has classified its thrust areas broadly into four categories- Academic, Research, Internal, and Extension activities. The cell, as per its collective vision and objectives, has over the years, partnered with the District Administration, the other government agencies, partner schools, local Self-Help Groups (SHGs), community-based organizations, and other allied NGOs, and carried out various joint activities and events for the upliftment of women, young adults, children and senior citizens living in Old Age Home too. The cell members take a great deal of motivation through their past activities, equally committed to the present and optimistic about the future.

Vision: To mold and educate young minds in an environment that facilitates holistic growth, sensitivity, balanced temperament, and helps becoming better human beings.


· The cell aims to help build an egalitarian society through the collective participation of the students with the local communities. 

· To promote the development of women, and female students in the socio-economic and cultural sphere. 

· To organize events and activities for women empowerment. 

· To facilitate an environment that will women and female students to realize their full potential in every possible field and discipline.

· To organize various skill-based training programmes for the women and the students to promote work and economic participation. 

· To promote and educate about gender sensitivity, health, hygiene, and child care at the community level. 

· To publish relevant literature(s) and undertake community-centric research projects. 

· To organize state/national/international seminars, symposiums, and other allied events on socially relevant issues.

Members  1.  Dr.Arunima Das  Convener 

2.  Dr. Rashmi Buragohain  Member 

3.  Mrs. Plabita Bhattacharyya  Member 

4.  Mrs. Komi Nokja  Member  Top