Emancipation and Empowerment of Women


To make the college a leading and premier Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the state of Assam through the consistent approach of Total Quality Management (TQM) of sustainable internalized best practices conforming to the objectives of the college and thereby achieving quality and excellence in the continuous improvement process.


1. To adopt the five-stage best practices approach *“Four I and D Model*”

in the institution for the promotion of the academic environment of the


2. To identify the best practices conforming to the various aspects of

curricula and pedagogic requirements of the institution and implement the

same for the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

3. To plan for capacity building of the institution and utilize the

campus resources optimally.

4. To monitor and evaluate the performance standard of the faculty

members through self-assessment and feedback mechanisms.

5. To analyze strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat to the

institution and adopt the suitable meaning thereof.

6. To establish benchmarks through best practices and disseminate the

institutionalized best practices to society.

7. To mobilize resources internally and externally for the all-around

development of the institution.

8. To adopt innovative meaning in the teaching-learning and evaluation


9. To organize various academic activities for quality enhancement of

students and faculty members.

10. To internalize the best practices to be the tradition of the

institution implementing the various strategies.

11. To plan and develop various academic infrastructural development


12. To provide an inclusive environment to incorporate plurality,

diversity, and heterogeneity among the college fraternity.