Career Guidance and Counselling Cell

Under the spectrum of Globalization, the role and activity of the Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) are drastically changing. Nowadays the role of HEI is not limited to producing graduates and degree holders, but it has to play a vital role in the development of its human resources. So that these resources can contribute to the upliftment of the society and take active participation in the nation-building process. Under the impact of Globalization job markets as well as career potentialities have widened for the youth, but due to a lack of proper knowledge and guidance students are not able to harness their goals.

Considering the fact seriously, the IQAC of the H.P.B. Girls’ College has introduced a career Counselling and Guidance Cell. The main objectives of the career counseling and Guidance Cell are: 

a) To facilitate all-round development of the student 

b) To help students in the proper choice of courses 

c) To help the students in the proper choice of career. 

d) To help the students in the vocational development 

e) To develop readiness for choices and changes to face new challenges.

f) To minimize the mismatching between education and employment and help in the efficient use of manpower 

g) To help students in the period of turmoil and confusion 

h) To help in checking wastage and strength 

i) To ensure the proper utilization of time spent outside the classroom 

j) To wake up to their deficiencies of them.

By considering all the objectives and goals, the Career Counseling and Guidance Cell since its inception has always tried to undertake some deliberate measures as well as activities, so that these goals and objectives can be achieved.

The career counseling and the guidance cell aims at enhancing the quality and skillful education for the students and endeavors to give the students full exposure and make them well-equipped to meet the demands of the competitive job market. Since the present era is a competitive era, the ideology ‘Survival of the fittest is most applicable. By considering the situation seriously, the said Cell undertakes some deliberate measures for the benefit of the students, so that they can be mentally, technically, and physically sound.

Activities 2016-2021