Canteen cum Guest House
Canteen cum Guest House


The objective of the Canteen and meal service is to protect by reducing the risk of food-borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions, and preventing adulterated food. The canteen is located inside the College. The hostellers and day scholars are provided meals/snacks (Paymby assuring food safety and quality. The Canteen Management Committee (CMC) sees to the functioning of the canteen.

1. Working hours will be from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. 

2. The canteen should not entertain junk food, soft drinks, and other unhealthy stuff. 

3. The prices of the item available at the canteen should be fixed by the Canteen Management Committee. 

4. The canteens will only sell food in line with the College’s Healthy Eating and Drinks policy. 

5. The cleanliness and hygienic condition of the canteen to be maintained by the canteen manager.

6. The use of plastic cups, plates, and one-time-use water bottles is strictly prohibited. 

7. Only RO/Filtered water should be used for cooking and drinking. 

8. Menu boards with price tags should be displayed.  9. Only certified FSSAI products are to be sold in the canteen. 

10. The waste utilization of the canteen should be in accordance with the waste policy of the college.

11. The management should be fully committed to keeping the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all concerned. 

12. The college canteen should aim at providing an effective canteen service that provides healthy food in a manner that complies with all health regulations and operates in a financially secure and professional manner.

*Guest House

The College has a Guest House that came into existence in the year 2017. It is located opposite the Administrative Building along with the College Canteen. All the three rooms are well maintained ensuring comfortable and convenient stay for the quests. The Guest House provides accommodation services to the official guest who comes to the college for official purposes and also provides accommodation to the personal guest, administrative staff, faculty members, and subordinate staff of the College on a payment basis.