The Central library H.P.B. Girls’ College has a very good library with a collection of 21045 books on various subjects of interest for the students, teaching staff, and non-teaching staff. The library has been a part of the institution since its inception in 1969. Since then it has been serving as the nerve Centre of the college. The library is working under the library management software SOUL provided by INFLIBNET. The Central Library of the college is an automated library. The library at present has subscribed to a good number of quality journals and popular magazines. Every day on average 120 students visit the college library for different purposes. 

The succeeding sections of this report provide details information on library collections, services provided by the library to the students and others, best practices that are being practiced, and future plans to enhance the quality of library services.

*2. Vision of the Library* 

ü To serve as a knowledge hub of the College. 

ü To inculcate reading habits among the students and teaching faculty. 

ü The library aims to become the model library of the district as well as among the state. 

ü The library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt a user-friendly approach toward students and faculty.

*3. The main objectives of the library are* 

ü Encourage students to study beyond the requirements of the curriculum. 

ü To acquire, organize and modernize the library collection to support the teaching-learning process 

ü Provide free accessibility to information resources of the library. 

ü Provide different facilities and services to the student community and the teaching community to discover needed information and access them according to their priority. 

ü Build up a resourceful and effective college library capable to adapt the changing academic environment.

*4. Library Advisory Committee (LAC)* 

The library advisory committee consists of the HODs and a few special members but in the absence of the HOD, any recommended faculty from that department can participate in the meeting. Librarian is the ex-officio secretary of the LAC.

LAC is constituted to address the issues involved in library development. LAC mainly plays a significant role in the collection development process of the library. LAC meets twice in a year. But if an emergency situation occurs LAC meets immediately in the minimal intervals.

*5. Library working hours*

The central library is being kept open on all the working days.

*Library working hours*

Monday to Saturday 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM During the examination and semester break our college remain open as usual

*6. Library Collection*

The library is a knowledge center and it collects valuable reading materials to support the teaching-learning process. Giving priorities to the students and teaching faculties demand our library is also developing its collection in each and every subject area taught in the college. The library has a rich collection of good reference books along with textbooks. Till the date of report preparation, there are books in our library. Since 2016 we have also obtained annual membership for accessing N-LIST e-resources from UGC-INFLIBNET. A tabular presentation of the library collections is presented here

Year-wise growth of books in the library.

*7. Financial expenditure on purchasing Library Books*

Every year the budget committee allotted a reasonable fund for library development (infrastructure, reading materials, etc…) the following tables indicated the financial expenditure for the last five years.

Financial expenditure details (From 1st April 2016)

*8. Subject wise library collection*

The following table shows the subject wise collection of books in the library

*9. Journal/Magazine Subscriptions*

 In other to provide current information to the readers and up to date their knowledge scholarly collection n the library is necessary. Journals are primary sources of information and means to have current and critical information on various subject areas. The following table indicates the Journals/Magazine subscribed by our library.

*10. Newspaper Subscriptions*

In other to provide day to day news of the society, politics, economy, culture, literature science and many newspapers is the primary source. Our library has been subscribing the following newspapers

  *11. ** Expenditure on Journal/Magazine and Newspaper on a yearly basis:*

The following table indicates the amount of rupees spent on purchasing journals/magazines and newspapers in the library.

*12. **Availability of Electronic Resources*

Nowadays e-resources are considered the most essential part of library resources. With the advent of ICT now it is easy to access e-resources throughout the world. In our country, the UGC-INFIBNET center is providing a large number of e-resources on a consortia basis. Our college has the subscription of the Consortia named N-LIST (National Library and Information Service Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) program. The details of e-resources available under the N-LIST program are as given below.

*13. **Full text e-resources*

Our users can access the following e-journals

*14. **E-books under N-LIST*

Accessible e-books under N-LIST

*15. **Library Services*

In other to satisfy the information need of the user community library offers various services. In our library following services are provided for the users.

15.1 Automated Circulation service

Circulation service is one of the most valuable and necessary services of

any library. This service allows the user community to issue books and

other reading resources. For this purpose, our library follows a single

card system with a barcode facility. The circulation desk of our college

performs the following functions:

a. Lending library books to the bonafide users.

b. Return and reservation of books.

c. Collects over dues.

d. Assist the users at the circulation counter.

e. Calculate the user statistics.

*15.2 Lending system of Central Library, HPBGC*

Students and the teaching and non-teaching staff can take books on their

cards from the library. A tabular presentation of the lending system of our

library as follows

*16. **Reference Services for the Users*

One of the major tasks of any library is the Collection of reference books.

Our library has a sound collection of reference books in each and every

subjects taught in the college.

17. * Services on application *

Instead of *book bank services,* our library has been providing books to

the students for study during the examination period on application.

Interested students can borrow four books on application and they kept keep

these books till the end of their exam.

*18. **Question bank facilities (Previous year's question papers)*

Preservation of old question papers is also a good practice in library

services. Our college also practices this service and students can access

old question papers from the library. Few question papers are available in

physical form whereas some question papers are available in digital form.

*19. **Overnight borrowing services*

This service is provided to those students and teachers who want to issue

reference books or journals. Under this facility, they are allowed to

borrow the required reference books but they have to return them within two


*20. **Reprographic and printing facilities*

The user of the Central Library, HPBGC can take a Xerox copy of required

pages and can also take a printout of reading materials on a payment basis.

They have to pay 2 rupees (both sides) for Xerox and 5 rupees (both sides)

for printing facilities.

*21. **Library Orientation*

In order to introduce the new user to the library facilities, the library

authority organizes an orientation program every year at the beginning of

the academic year. During this interaction program, the following

information is shared with the users.

a. Need of the library

b. Brief introduction of the library, and library staff.

c. Information about the resources available with the library

d. Library ethics

e. Use of library resources…

f. Library rules and regulations.

g. Information about different facilities of the library etc…

*22. **Internet facility*

Like other libraries, our library is also providing internet facilities to

its users. At present 5 numbers clients are connected to the Host computer.

By acquiring these facilities users can access N-LIST e-resources.

*23. **Career Guidance*

Our central library has a good collection of service books. Up-to-date

books on general knowledge and competitive exams are available in the

library. The library personnel guides them in the proper use of these books.

*24. **Best practices *

Apart from the managing library and its services, we have also tried to

attract users to the library with various best practices. A bird's eye view

of our best practice is as follows.

*Library automation*: Our library is an automated library with the library

management software SOUL. We prepare MARC of the reading materials and use

barcodes in each and every book for automated circulation*.*

*Display of new arrivals: *College library displays new arrivals as and

when new books are added to the library collections. The library has a

separate display rack at the entrance the library to place the new


*Celebration of Librarians’ day: *Celebration of librarian’s day is one of

the best practices of the library. The Golaghat Library Association

celebrates Librarian’s day centrally in different colleges in the Golaghat


*Best reader and best user award*: Since 2017 we have been practicing two

awards for the best user and the best reader of the library.

*Words of the day*: This is the new practice we are going to introduce in a

new academic session.

*The ongoing digitization of library (IR)*: We are working on a digital

repository of scholarly publications and question papers.

*In-service training for non-professional workers*

We also provide in-service training to the non-professional library worker

in the proper use of Library management software, book shelving, technical

works, etc…

*Book exhibitions*

Though book exhibition is a good practice of library services due to some

unexpected circumstances only a single time we have organized an exhibition

in 2016.

*Earn while you learn*

Interested students are engaged in library services and can

earn money from the library.

*25. **Library staff details*

Staff details of the library are as given below:

*26. **Future Plan*

*New Library Building*

The library is a growing organism. Presently 1400 students are studying in

the college. Almost 150 students regularly visit the library for their

information needs. But the location of the library is not suitable and it’s

a very small building. So, the College authority is planning for a separate

new library building for the near future in the ground floor.

*Joining in Clouds*

In order to help the user community to access the library resources from

their home the library authority is planning to join in clouds.

*Suggestion box*

We are planning to place a suggestions book in the library for feedback and

suggestion from the user community.

*News Paper Clipping*

Newspaper a good medium for up to date and current information on various

issues of the society, community, national and international level. Some

articles and news published in newspapers have greater importance for the

future generation. So there is a need for clipping of this news and article

in the library. In near future, we are planning to clip such news and


*Organizing Interdisciplinary talks*

Organizing interdisciplinary talks is considered one of the best practices

of any library. In the coming days we the library authority are planning to

organize such talks in our college in library’s banner.