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                                                   Vocationalisation of Education

Linking Education with Employability The institution has been tirelessly working on linking education with employability. The institution prepares its program and subject option in such a way that they reflect the mission of woman empowerment through courses outside the curricula.

The Practice:

The college has introduced several vocational courses in the emerging areas in order to meet the challenges globally. The institution recognizes the importance of vocational and career oriented education for the self employment of the student. The institution makes it compulsory for all the newly admitted students to enroll themselves in one vocational course offered by the college in order to enhance their employability skill. The College offers vocational courses on:

1. Cutting Knitting and Tailoring 

2. Food Processing and Food Preservation 

3. Beauty Therapy and Hair Cutting 

4. Diploma in Computer Application 

5. Spoken English

The course outcome(s): 

1. Cutting Knitting and Tailoring: Human beings like to dress and dress themselves beautifully. It is in this context that knowledge of the beauty and utility of textiles is very significant. Girls and women need to know basics of clothing construction. Because making of dress is an important human activity. Cutting and tailoring courses helps student to develop skill in the clothing construction techniques and also help students to develop skill in the clothing construction techniques and also help students to become self-reliant. 

2. Food Processing and Food Preservation: Food Preservation can be defined as the science which deals in the process of prevention of decay or spoilage of food and help it to be stored in a fit condition for future use. Food supply has to keep pace with the needs of population. There is always shortage of food in developing countries like India because of demand of increasing population. Therefore, it is important to improve and expand facilities for storage and prevention of food. Students receiving the training of the vocational course of food preservation may get the opportunities to be self-employed and give employment to others too. The vocational course of Food Preservation also helps women employment as well. 

3. Beauty Therapy and Hair Cutting: From personal to the profession, beauty therapy and hair cutting and styling courses bring the best of skills, trends and opportunities to anyone who is ardent to pursue it. Hairstyling and grooming courses have given many startups to the beauty industry. The course will offer the student learners a profitable scope for selfemployment and cultivate entrepreneurship skills as well. 

4. Diploma in Computer Application: The primary objective(s) of this Diploma programme is to train the learners in digital literacy and educate them with working knowledge of Ms-word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Power point. The programme also aims to prepare the candidates for the job of an office clerical post, typing assistant, accounts office clerk and enhance their digital competencies. The curriculum and the syllabi of the said programme is designed in tandem with the demands of the market and work industry. The learners are provided with learning materials (books, online resources) and adequate practical sessions. 

5. Spoken English: The primary objective of the programme is to break the fear of English and induce among the students certain level of proficiency of verbal communication in English. Along with the language proficiency, the course helps in grooming the soft skills of the students which have massive prospects in industries like tourism, IT sector, entrepreneurship startups etc. Right from the introduction, the course has been received with massive popularity among the students due to the prospects it has to offer. Many qualifiers of the course have been placed in lucrative jobs like Air hostess, Call center agents, Sales associates etc.

Institutional Distinctiveness