H. P. B. Girls’ College has two Hostels, Hostel No. 1 and Hostel No. 2 with an intake capacity of 80 and 60 respectively. It is open to the students of the college irrespective of caste, tribe, or religious affiliations. Being situated close to the Golaghat town, preference will be given to the students with good marks hailing from remote areas. The Principal aim of the Hostel is the integral formation of the inmates according to the educational principles of the college, highly educated, environmentally conscious, and psychologically strong to be a leader. 

The hostel will make every effort to instill in its inmates a sense of community and a spirit of tolerance that will ensure orderly and peaceful living which are absolutely essential for ensuring a healthy environment for sustained study and self-development. The following rules and regulations have been framed with care to give this sense of direction to the Hostels and its inmates.


1. Admission to a programme of study in the college does not automatically ensure allotment of Hostel seats. Accommodation will be offered to eligible applicants subject to availability.

2. The right of admission to the Hostel is reserved and admission will be granted or refused at the discretion of the Superintendent/Warden and admission committee. 

3. A keen sense of self-discipline, an above-average capacity for sustained study, and an honest desire to live in unity with fellow inmates and members of other communities are necessary conditions to get a seat in the hostel and retain it.


1. Application should be made in the prescribed form which is available in the College Office. 

2. The completed form is to be submitted to the Superintendent/Warden by the Parent/Guardian after the student has been formally admitted in the college. 

3. The application form must be accompanied by a copy of the followings:  a. College admission receipt  b. Passport size photographs  c. An attested copy of mark sheets of the last qualifying examination.


1. The allotment of rooms to the applicants will be made by the Superintendent/Warden. The inmates are not permitted to change their rooms without written approval from the Superintendent/Warden. The Superintendent/Warden, may, without assigning any reason, shift inmates from one to another when deemed necessary. 

2. Each one is responsible for her own belongings, furniture, and furnishings provided to her in the room. She shall keep her room neat and tidy. The Superintendent/Warden (with Lady) may open the rooms for inspection at any time.


H. P. B. Girls’ College Hostels provide the students with the following facilities: 

1. A serious ambient for study and intellectual formation. 

2. Electricity with generator backup. 

3. Sessions in Personality Development and Self-motivation. 

4. Competitions and cultural get-togethers. 

5. Reading rooms with newspapers, magazines, journals etc. 

6. Outdoor sports, Football, Basketball, Volleyball etc. 

7. Indoor sports such as Badminton, Table Tennis etc.

V. **MESS* 

1. The Hostellers choose two of their companions on a monthly basis to run the Mess. They collect Mess fees among themselves and procure the groceries as per their choice. The Hostel will provide a dining room, cooks, utensils for cooking, and firewood. 

2. All will take their meals in the dining room at the stated hours. 

3. Food will not be served in the room and inmates are not to take food to the rooms. If the inmate is ill, the Superintendent/Warden will make suitable arrangements to see that she is attended to. 

4. Private preparation of food in the rooms will not be permitted. 

5. Day scholars cannot be entertained as guests in the Mess. 

6. Discipline and table manners should be observed in the dining hall. 

7. Any complaint regarding the Mess should be given in writing to the Superintendent/Warden.


1. Comportments and dress in the Hostel must be in good taste. 

2. Every Hosteller shall maintain the cleanliness of the room assigned to her, the Hostel, and its surroundings. The superintendent/Warden will organize a cleaning drive from time to time for better maintenance of the Hostels. Every inmate shall carry out diligently the work allotted to her or her group. 

3. Smoking, alcoholic drinks, and drugs are strictly forbidden. Anyone found indulging in these or under influence is liable to be summarily dismissed from the hostel.

4. Absenteeism from classes without the Warden’s permission is punishable by the loss of the Hostel seat. 

5. Hostellers must be present for the evening prayer and mark themselves as present during the roll call. 

6. Hostellers must obtain written permission from the Superintendent/Warden for staying out beyond 5: 30 PM. Staying out overnight without prior permission will result in the loss of the Hostel seat. 

7. All are encouraged to take part in games and sports.

8. No meetings of any nature will be held in the Hostels without the explicit permission of the Superintendent/Warden. 

9. Students with delinquencies, hereditary or contagious diseases should not apply for seats in the Hostels. 

10. An atmosphere of silence must prevail in the Hostels from 6:30 PM to 7:00 AM in the morning. 

11. Any damage to the Hostel property must be reported to the Superintendent/Warden immediately.


1. All hostellers must have a local guardian in Golaghat Town or nearby the college who will be responsible for her conduct and performance in her studies. She/he may be summoned by the Superintendent/Warden in case of serious misconduct or in case of an emergency. The local guardian should be a responsible elder and not a fellow student.


1. Ragging is a cognizable offense. 

2. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Severe action will be taken against those who indulge in such activities as per the existing UGC norms. 

3. Ragging in any form may also lead to expulsion from the Hostels.

4. Any student with the intention of causing ragging, or with the knowledge that he is likely to cause ragging by his actions, commits or abets ragging. Actions such as teasing, embarrassing, humiliating assaulting, intimidating, wrongfully restraining or confining, causing grievous hurt, kidnapping, abducting, raping, molesting or committing unnatural acts, causing death or abetting suicide are all acts of ragging that shall be punished according to the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court.

5. If the individuals committing or abetting ragging are not identified, collective punishment could be resorted to in order to act as a deterrent and to ensure collective pressure on the potential raggers.


1. At the end of each semester, students are allowed to go home. All inmates are required to vacate their rooms within two days of the end of the final examinations or as notified by the Superintendent/Warden. They must return to the Hostel on the day before the classes resume in the College. Each one should officially inform the Warden before leaving for home and report to him on return.

2. If a student is expelled or suspended from the College for any reason, she should vacate the Hostel room on the day of expulsion/suspension. His continuance in the Hostel will be treated as an unauthorized occupation.


1. The Hostel management reserves the right to refuse re-admission to those who are irregular in attendance, unsatisfactory in academic performance, disturb the Hostel study atmosphere, deface/damage building/ furniture, or indulge in violence, drinking, or smoking.


1. Violation of any of the above rules will result in punitive action and serious violations will be referred to the Hostel Disciplinary Committee. The decision of the Committee will be final. 

2. In addition to these general norms, the Superintendent/Warden may issue additional rules or orders at any time for the better management of the Hostel. Every inmate shall be bound by them.

*HOSTEL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE*  Dr. Bulbuli Boruah  Chairperson  Mr. Prasanta Bora  Member  Dr. Palash Handique  Member  Dr. Arunima Das  Member  Mr. Monjit Gohain  Member  Dr. Sunil Handique  Member  Mr. Ajit Loying  Member   

*HOSTEL WARDEN & STAFF*  Sl. No.  Name of the Staff 1  Mr. Monjit Gohain (Superintendent)  2  Dr. Arunima Das (Warden)  3  Dr. Jintumoni Dutta (Warden)  4  Ms. Maina Gogoi (Matron)  5  Mr. Mon Bahadur Chetry (Cook) 6  Ms. Juri Bortamuly (Helper)  7  Ms. Poly Chetia (Helper)  8  Mr. Madhuryya Gogoi (Cook)


*Superintendent/Warden*  H. P. B. Girls’ College, Golaghat, Assam 

*Phone Numbers: 7002018355/8638795650*